As we round up the year and move to a new one. These are my thoughts to the one and amazing God. You’ve been Faithful.

2016 was a year of many things. Too many things I passed through and escaped from. Challenges, fighting of balance and Finding Myself. 

When you make a decision to find yourself despite the odds of your environment and way of life, you know you’re growing up. 

Someone once defined success as the ability to do what you ought to do even when it’s not convenient. I think I’ll take that as right, and from that I can define my year as being a successful one. 

Many people thought I was just super-human, that I had it all together, but really it wasn’t me. His strength pulled me through. 

This reminds me of a psalm given by the pastor of my local church, during a prayer rally this year

Faithful, you are faithful Lord,

Faithful Lord in all your speakings, faithful Lord in all your doings,

Faithful, you are faithful Lord, 

Faithful Lord in all my preaching, faithful Lord in all my teachings.

And your love will spread,To the ends of the earth,Every tribe and every tongue,Lord your light will see

As we preach n teach, Every mouth will sing,(every heart will know)

You are Faith-ful, in all your ways.

So glorious how wonderful you are, We know, we trust and we believe that we’ll reach the nations. 

We are never giving up.

In 2017, we light up dark places. Oh glory! There’s an awakening of an army, an army of the lord, born of the spirit, endued with power from on high. We are born to win.

To a more than amazing God. Thank you. And thank you to all my readers. 

Let’s light up the world 🌎 in 2017.


Mide Baze